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With the furnishing of the individual home, the laying of the foundation stone for upholstered furniture production began for the Horst manufactory towards the end of the fifties.
From a formal point of view, the first years of design were very simple and factually related to the main purpose of being able to sit and relax in a cost-conscious manner.

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Guiding principle

Quality that sits!" ... Three words that include what our premium manufactory can do in Steinen. The consumer should experience the first contact with our upholstered furniture that the quality is unique in processing and seating comfort.

Fundamental concept

As an upholstered furniture manufacturer, we are committed to providing our customers and end users with quality that meets the highest standards. The high flexibility in the individual production is another outstanding feature of our performance. We live this challenge daily!

Quality of workmanship

We understand the words “processing quality” and continuously improve and expand all work processes that we control. Targeted work effort by experts allows us to guarantee a fluctuation-free and outstanding quality.

Final inspection

Every piece of furniture leaving our factory is subject to a final inspection. Experts use a detailed checklist to carry out this inspection before shipment. The result is a structured improvement process that affects the entire service chain and offers the customer a first-class product.


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